The Pingleton Difference

I believe everyone wants the best result possible, which is why I created the best team in town with the best resources. Did you know the average agent sells 4-5 homes a year, and there are over 4,000 agents in Tulsa? Average and traditional just does not get the job done. Let our team show you how rewarding the real estate experience can and should be.


Conventional methods of marketing homes are outdated and used by the average Real Estate agent.

Old strategies are cheap, easily accessible, and lack creativity.

Passive marketing produces little to no results.

Agents are re-active and playing catch-up to market shifts and buyer behaviors.

MLS Only
Minimal Internet Exposure
Printed Flyers


Modern use of updated technology that generates more Buyer interest, thus producing more results.

New strategies are creative, expensive, and require special training, all resources which are only accessible to successful agents.

Active marketing produces more desirable results in a shorter amount of time.

Pro-active agents adjust quicker to market shifts with more accuracy.

Targeted Advertising
Exclusive Syndication and Capture
3D/Drone Video
7th Level Open House
And more…

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