Brian Pingleton

Owning a home is such a fundamental desire that deserves the highest attention, not just because purchasing and selling a home involves hundreds of tasks, it also requires a large investment, generally the largest people make in their lifetime. Unfortunately, the industry is simply not changing as fast as our culture. The traditional methods of helping people buy and sell real estate are outdated.

We strive to always BE the competition, which means utilizing the modern, high tech uses of hyper-local marketing, targeted online advertising, and social media branding. We found that the more we invest in the best, we serve our clients the best, and that outweighs extra outlying expenses. Our team is always on the hunt for innovative and efficient ways to help our clients, because again, they are what and who we focus on.

Brian initially found his passion for real estate one year after receiving his Business degree from Tulsa University. He decided to start Pingleton Realty because he knew he could make a positive impact on the city with improved relationships in the real estate industry.

Brian enjoys being involved with the community and supporting local business. He loves Tulsa, and while he has the pleasure to say he was born and raised here, he is truly excited about raising his four children in a city that prospers.


“Family is my #1 priority, which is why I care so much about helping yours find just the right place to call home.” Brian Pingleton

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